The Edgy Manifesto

A Radical Philosophy For Business Success

You are a business leader.

You’re an entrepreneur, a founder, an owner, an executive, a board member, an investor.

How do you run your company to be successful? ...and I don’t mean just have enough money.

I mean breakthrough

The books, the pundits, the B-schools give you advice about tactics.

How will you make your mark? What will be your legacy?

How do you know what’s best to do?

The books, the pundits, the B-schools give you advice about tactics.

They masquerade as strategy, but believe me they are tactics. They are driven by the need to be new, to be now. But their only framework is business as usual. Little steps forward. Little tactical steps that promise you will be forgotten.

This is just stuff.

Some of it is great stuff, but it’s just means, not ends.

Some of it is great stuff, but it’s just means, not ends. The sad truth is that you’re wasting your time and money and focus on stuff that you hope might eventually work. All the while, the business environment is tougher than ever. Potential clients are ducking for cover. Partners are looking for ways to get more money out of you. In the chaos of the change that is happening, do you know what to do next?

Maybe You Don'tInstead of one more tactic, let me offer you a philosophy,

a set of intentions that will guide you to breakthrough success. All great leaders practice them. All great companies live by them.

I call it EDGY.

Four letters. Four timeless attitudes for breakthrough business growth.

Extreme behavior
Disciplined activity
Giving mindset
Y(h)uman strategy

Regardless of your business, your goals, your industry, or the specific challenges in your way, EDGY is your key to turning things around. It’s your roadmap. Your ideology. Your war plan.So what does it mean?
How does EDGY empower you?

1. Dare to be Extreme

Go after something big that will nurture your soul. Something unexpected.

Something that will delight you and your team and your customers. And then go all out for it. Burn the ships.

Everything around you protects and preserves the status quo, so you have to fight business as usual. You have to fight conventional wisdom, industry gurus, and what seems to have worked for you in the past. You have to push beyond what is easy. You have to be willing to be labeled “extreme” along the way.

The people you think of as exceptional started out ordinary, just like you and me. But they broke through the ordinary by daring to be extreme. Ghandi. Edison. Ford. Thatcher. Jobs.

2. Demand Discipline

Believe in your imagination, your passion, and your ideas. But discipline yourself and your team to achieve.

That means you plan to succeed. You put in place the intentions and processes and priorities to get it done. You have metrics that tell you what is working. You improve problems and demand accountability from yourself and everyone around you...

And no matter what goes wrong, you make it your religion to learn and earn through practice, pain, and work. Do your work on purpose. Build the structure. Develop the habits. Create the customs that will produce your outcomes.

Likewise great companies go for extra-ordinary. Zappo’s amazing customer service. Amazon’s unprecedented methods of delivery. Apple’s marvelous inventions. Honda’s remarkable processes.

You have imagination—use it. You have passion—embrace it. You have big ideas—trust them.

3. Give. Give. Give. Give First

Give your time, talent, treasure and attention to your customers, your employees and your community.

Give your best ideas. Give respect and appreciation. Give. Give. Give. Let’s be honest, most business advice is about how to take—capture market share, beat your competition, win the deal. It’s starts to become an all-consuming selfishness.

My philosophy is for you to give.

Be the first to give, and you will be amazed at how the giving comes back to you. You can give encouragement. You can give a helping hand. You can give a kind word. You can give an opportunity. You can give advice, investment, and partnership. Just try it.

Taking does not survive. Giving thrives.

4. Be Y(H)uman

Business is only about people. It’s all about human wants, needs and behavior.

Your customers are people who want to understand. They want to understand what you can do for them and how you can do it.

More importantly, they want to be understood. They want you to explain how you are going to serve them, not simply sell them something. They want you to be honest and direct and reliable. They want to believe in you.

Your employees are people who want to be inspired. They want to be directed positively. They want to be part of something that can change the world. They want your guidance to achieve their best. They want to fight for you.

Frankly, there aren’t any true business problems. What you are seeing aren’t sales problems, or marketing problems, or HR problems. They are all people problems.

Delight people. Everything else you want will follow.